Willie Gay Jr. – Kansas City Chiefs #50

Kansas City Chiefs #50

Willie Gay Jr. was born on 15th February 1998 in Starkville, Mississippi.

He played college football as a linebacker for Mississippi State University, where he represented the Bulldogs.

Off-field issues clouded his last seasons with Mississippi. The first was an eight game suspension when he, along with nine other students, were sanctioned by the NCAA for alleged cheating in chemistry tests. a second incident centred around Mississipi quarterback Garrett Schrader suffering a broken orbital bone in an altercation, allegedly with Gay.A third incident involving Gay occurred at the 2018 ‘Egg Bowl’ game against rivals Ole Miss, when Gay was ejected for two incidents of ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’, ensuing in a fight.

Despite this, Gay Jr was selected as the 63rd pick overall in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He has a lot of talent and they will be hoping his discipline and off-field decision making doesn’t affect his career with them.