NFL – Things You May Not Know #20

One – Losing Seasons

  • During the Super Bowl era, three teams have finished a season having lost ALL of their games. 1976 Buccaneers (0-14), 2008 Lions (0-16) and the 2017 Browns (0-16). However, all three of them made it back to the postseason three years later! 
  • Since 1944, there have been seven teams that went winless in a season. The Lions and the Browns being the only two to lose sixteen games in a single season. However, 1944 was the only season where two teams went winless in the same season! A merged team of the Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers and the Brooklyn Tigers both went 0-10. After the Cardinals/Steelers finished 0-10 in the Western Division, sportswriters derisively labelled the team the “Car-Pitts” or ‘Carpets’.
Browns fans demanded better after 2017 and that’s exactly what they now have

Two – Retired!

  • As it stands, the Chicago Bears lead the way with a whopping fourteen retired jersey numbers!  The Baltimore Ravens, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans do not have any jersey numbers officially retired. This is due primarily to the lack of history. The Cowboys and Raiders too, have not technically retired any player numbers as they don’t believe in it. 
  • The #99 jersey was synonymous with J.J Watt during his decade-long sting with the Texans. When the star DE chose the Cardinals on Monday, a change of scenery seemed to also beget a # change, since the digits were retired by the Cardinals in a tribute to Marshall Goldberg, a star of the 1947 Championship team. However, #99 will be unretired for Watt, after he received permission from Goldberg’s daughter, Ellen Goldberg Tullos to wear it on the field with honour. 
The shirt may look unfamiliar next season but the number remains the same for JJ Watt in Arizona


  • The 1985 Chicago Bears couldn’t beat Prince and the Revolution! Though the Bears were a dominant team in 1985 and won Super Bowl XX, they will also be remembered for ‘The SuperBowl Shuffle’. On Dec 3rd 1985, the Chicago Bears entered a studio and produced ‘The Super Bowl Shuffle’, which became a wildly successful hit that it reached #41 on the Billboard Top 100 and earned a Grammy nomination in the Best Rhythm and Blues Performance By A Duo Or Group category. Ten different Bears from the ’85 Super Bowl team participated including William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry, Jim McMahon and Walter Payton. Although McMahon and Payton skipped out of the initial shoot (they reportedly were upset about losing their only game to the Dolphins the night before and therefore blew off the shoot) and had to record their parts separately. However, the Bears and the Shuffle couldn’t compete with Prince,  as he and his group won the Grammy with ‘Kiss’.
Bears #72, William Perry – seemingly enjoying the Super Bowl Shuffle with teammates

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