NFL – Things You May Not Know #21


  • In the common draft era (since 1967), only five schools have had 50+ players selected in the first round of the NFL Draft-:
    • USC (University of Southern California) – 71
    • Ohio State University – 71
    • University of Miami – 60
    • University of Alabama – 58
    • University of Florida – 51
USC Trojans
The USC has a habit of turning its Trojans into ‘Pro’jans! (see what we did there?)


  • Since 2010, every NFC South team has made at least one Super Bowl-:
    • Super Bowl XLIV – New Orleans Saints 31*17 Colts
    • Super Bowl L – Broncos 24*10 Carolina Panthers
    • Super Bowl LI – Patriots 34*28 Atlanta Falcons (OT)
    • Super Bowl LV – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31*09 Chiefs.
  • However, since 2010 every AFC South team has held the overall #1 pick in the NFL Draft-:
    • 2012 – Indianapolis Colts draft QB Andrew Luck 
    • 2014 – Houston Texans draft DE Jadeveon Clowney
    • 2016 – Tennessee Titans dealt #1 pick to LA Rams who draft QB Jared Goff
    • 2021 – Jacksonville Jaguars hold #1 pick in upcoming 2021 Draft.
The latest NFC South Super Bowl appearance was a successful one for Tom Brady and the Bucs


  • The (then) Washington Redskins draft the same player twice! Washington REALLY wanted California RB Calvin “Cal” Rossi. They made him their first selection twice in two years! Washington used their ninth overall pick in 1946 only to find out he was not eligible as a junior. They selected him again in the first round the following year. Here’s the best part… after being selected the second time, Rossi told the team that he had no plans to play in the NFL. He never played a single snap for Washington or any other NFL team!
Calvin Rossi – Left the Washington Redskins with egg on their face… twice!

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