The NFL For Rookies – Introducing A New Sport

Media – Too Little Too Late

When Super Bowl time comes around, the British media are keen to get a piece of the action and draw some online clicks from the sudden upturn in interest that the showpiece of the NFL calendar generates. However, is that introducing the sport too late for novice ‘would-be fans’ who haven’t got a clue how the game works, or why there are so many pauses in the game?

Introducing – Basic Gameplay and Scoring

Introducing -  the gridiron
Get a feel for the game by understanding the basic rules

Ignorance of the complex rules is why people dismissively write the sport off as ‘hand-egg’. However, with a short introduction to basic rules, a newly found sport to love is waiting.

At UK Touchdown, we are determined to rectify that. If you are interested in learning enough about the game to give you an understanding of the basic gameplay and scoring, then by the time Super Bowl LVI comes around in Los Angeles, you can enjoy the spectacle in its full glory.

We make no guarantees on the half-time show though!

Introducing – Your New Favourite Team

We have even written an extensive article to help you pick a favourite team based on the English football team you support. Apologies to people who support teams elsewhere in the British Isles but this author doesn’t know enough about those cities or clubs to influence your decision. I have tried wherever possible but hopefully, something we say about the connections for English supporters will resonate with you too?

Introducing – Player Positions

We aim to give you an oversight of each and every player position. This will comprise of Offence, Defence and Special Teams. We will also introduce you to the duties expected of each position – from Quarterback to Nickelback. Nothing to do with Chad Kroeger, we promise!

NFL Structure and Differences to Association Football

You are all familiar with the League structures and trophies that are played for in Association Football. Growing up with a sport makes it second nature but there is something quite satisfying about learning a complex foreign sport. Our article here gives you a basic rundown of how the NFL structure compares to domestic football competitions.

Introduction of New Players to the NFL

Each year, the NFL Draft is hosted in the last week of April. This is where new players, fresh out of college football, are signed up for the professional game. One thing you can’t help but notice about the Draft and the NFL system, in general, is how the loser is always given an advantage next time around. It makes for a much more competitive sport and the philosophy of buying success is much harder. You can read about how the process works in our article here.

Introducing – Pro-Football Hall of Fame

After learning how new players enter the game, why not read our section on legends of the game? Great players reach legendary status upon their induction into the Hall of Fame. Based in Canton, Ohio, the HOF has grown exponentially since its establishment back in 1963. Plans are afoot to extend the area around it too. Read all about it here.

The Franchise Tag

All franchise tags have to be placed on players by Tuesday, March 9th, 2021. If a long-term contract isn’t agreed between all parties by July 15th at 4 p.m. EST, then a player will finish the season under the franchise tag deal.

But what is the franchise tag?

Find out, here.

Free Agency

Another exciting time in the NFL is when players hit free agency. There are deals aplenty and lots of change-around in team rosters. You can read up on free agency and all it entails in our article here.

Games That Shaped the NFL

This will be a series of articles aimed at helping people understand how the NFL got to its current format. This ongoing series will look back at important games in NFL history. You can catch the first article here.

Becoming a Fan

Our intention is to familiarise you with the basics but not overwhelm you with the many complications of the game. You will figure these out for yourself when watching with your newly acquired understanding and an adopted NFL team! Games that led to important rule changes or had a significant impact on the league in some way.

Before too long, you may just find yourself becoming one of the Crazy People

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