DraftKings – Week One Tips

Dreams are still alive, hearts are yet to be broken and it’ll be the only time this year the Jets will be at .500.

Welcome to week one of the National Football League. 

After an offseason that seems to have lasted a lifetime, football is back and it’s how we know it… with fans!

Yes, we’ll get to hear the 12th man in Seattle, see the frostbitten faces at Lambeau Field, hear the crunch of tables being broken in Buffalo and inevitably watch a punch up in the stands at Philly.

It’s the game we all know and love and it’s always a little bit more fun when there’s money on it, so let’s get into it.

For anyone reading for the first time, over the course of last season, we entered a DraftKings team in the big tournaments every week and came out with a $115.91 profit.

Now, I’m not saying go and mortgage the house, but the idea is to give you my plays each week for a little bit of fun and if we make some money in the process – happy days. Alternatively, if I fail, you’ll just get a guide as to which players to avoid that upcoming game week.

So it’s a win-win, which is why it’s worth reading on.

For week one DraftKings is offering a $5 tournament for $5mil called the NFL Kickoff Millionaire so that’s what we are going to be playing with a very risky stack. 

QB – Jameis Winston ($5,200)

Jameis Winston – in the hot seat for the Saints… and our fantasy hopes this week

Now, believe me, I went back and forth on this a million times but it’s week one and it’s your time Jameis Winston. Now, this makes no sense – he’s a turnover machine with probably the worst receiver room in football… oh and he faces a top 12 ranked Packers defence. However, stick with me. This year we are going ‘boom or bust’ and creating stacks in our line-ups which is why the next pick justifies this one. 

RB – Alvin Kamara ($8,600)

AK41 should change his number to 47 as he’s as explosive as one. The man who catches balls out of the backfield for fun gets even better when there is no Michael Thomas on the field with a huge jump in stats. The most impressive of which is his receiving yards, which more than double to an average of 70.25 per game compared to 34.6 with Thomas around. Without many other options for Jameis, it’s likely Kamara will have a big game that should carry Jameis along with him. 

RB – Christian McCaffrey ($9,500)

Oh, you thought I was going to go with Winston as QB and rely on Kamara alone to save the day?! Christian McCaffrey baby! I don’t care that he’s $9.5k he’s the workhorse running back who gets the inside the 5 carries. Oh and his receiving numbers match up to that of a WR1. Anything else? Oh yeah… he’s facing the Jets! 

WR – Corey Davis ($4,900)

When it comes to creating stacks the two things you are looking for are high scoring games and this one is a projected 48 points. The second is a bring back player and that’s exactly what we have here in reply to CMC. With the Jets likely needing to score points as 6.5 point underdogs their no.1 wideout can be the man to hit back. He already seems to have some chemistry with Zach Wilson who targeted him on 6 of his 11 throws in the first half of their final pre-season game and if that volume continues, we could be in good shape.

WR – Marquez Callaway ($3,400)

Remember when I said it’ll be boom or bust? I wasn’t joking! If Jameis Winston decides he’s colour blind and throws the ball to men in green all afternoon we are in big trouble. However, if he can just limit the errors, it will benefit us and Marquez Callaway massively. I mean who else does he have to throw to apart from the other guy we’ve already got? At the price, I’d more than expect him to 3-X his salary.

WR – Michael Pittman Jr ($4,100)

Perhaps we are clutching at straws a little now with all our receivers costing under $5k but when you have two superstars at running back it’s what needs to be done. This is a pure volume pick in Michael Pittman Jr who will act as the Colts WR1 with TY Hilton out. In what could be another high scoring game against the Seahawks with a +49 point projection I’d be hopeful for another 3-X on his salary. 

TE – Pat Freiermuth ($2,500)

Pat Freiermuth – The Steelers new TE and probably second only to Kyle Pitts as a rookie at the position

For anyone who followed last year, you’d know I struggled to pick tight ends… a lot! After reading the name Pat Freiermuth you may think I can see why. However, it’s week one so let’s take a punt on the 6 foot 5 rookie out of Penn State. Without a doubt, he has plenty of competition with the 3 superstar wideouts in Pittsburgh. He will also likely share snaps with Eric Ebron but we are banking on RedZone upside here. He saw 3 targets in the final pre-season game with 2 being touchdowns. If he can snag one in a potential shootout with the Bills he can more than pay back his $2.5k salary. 

FLEX – Davante Adams – ($8,300) 

Another superstar in a bring back game for us against the Saints? Go on then! Need I say anymore? Quite simply the most consistent receiver in 2020 hitting fantasy numbers of a top tier running back. In this risky receiving lineup of ours, this man will guarantee us points and along with CMC and Kamara, can help carry us home.  

DEF – Broncos ($3,300)

After all of that, we still have some decent money to spend on defence and unfortunately for me, I think our best play is against my New York Giants. A combination of a talented Broncos D against a very uncertain Giants O-line with the unpredictable Daniel Jones at QB. It could be a long afternoon for Big Blue and a profitable one for us. 

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