DraftKings – Week Four Review & Week Five Tips

Some weeks you just get unlucky in this game. Other weeks you make just god-awful decisions.

Last weekend was a mixture of both and a summary of our season so far. We are now $65 down which is over half the profit we made last season and seem to be staring down the barrel of a gun.

This weekend is a strange one on the Sunday slate but before we get into that let’s look at how badly it went wrong last Sunday. 

Week 4 Reviewed

Despite the awful ending, we couldn’t have started any better.

The play of Sam Darnold at $6,000 was a masterclass as he went on to be the highest-scoring QB of the weekend. Darnold racked up 36.54 points and was only owned by just 7% of players giving us an early jump on the field.

That tied with David Montgomery and Derrick Henry in the flex we also had the 4th and 5th best running backs over the game week. Both players combined for 54.30 fantasy points with Henry just outscoring Montgomery by 28.70 points to 25.60.

The big guns delivered… nearly! Travis Kelce – four catches for 23 yards. His lowest scoring fantasy game since week 7 of last year getting us 6.30 points for $8,100. I want to be sick! Despite the disaster week if Kelce had hit his usual numbers and brought us home 20 points, we would have ended in the money with the main men carrying us there. However, it was the value plays that turned out to be a disaster.

Hubbard didn’t quite see the McCaffrey volume for the Panthers, who were chasing the game, which saw Darnold throw a lot. He also lost any rushing TDs due to Darnold taking two home himself leaving him with a score of 9.10. That was fine due to us having Darnold, so all was not lost… and then it was.

Terrace Marshall and Collin Johnson were two awful picks on my part. Marshall grabbed us 1.20 points on one catch from three targets. The latter got us ZERO as the Giants brought in John Ross from IR and upped Kadarius Toney’s role. There’s nothing to say about those picks other than they were damn awful and it won’t be happening again. Allen Robinson was our other receiver who was average with a 9.30 and the Seattle D finished the day with 6.0 points for us. 

So, we were 15 points away from the money which shows how costly those two receiver picks were as we basically played the tournament with seven players rather than nine.

Sometimes you can try and be too smart in this game and you get your fingers burnt. It won’t be happening this weekend I assure you.

Week 5 Tips

This weekend is a weird one as we have no Seahawks, Rams, Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, or Colts to choose from which make up a large portion of most people’s teams. That means there is value to be found and this week we aren’t messing about with stacks and double stacks we are after one thing. VOLUME! It’s back to basics and once again the $20 – NFL $4MIL Fantasy Football Millionaire where whatever happens our team will see plenty of action. 

QB – Daniel Jones ($6,000)

Can Daniel Jones lead our team to glory and more importantly, profit, this week?

When your back is against the wall you go with the guy you trust. I’ve been a believer since day one when it comes to Daniel Jones and with the rushing upside he now brings along with his cut in turnovers he’s been sneaky good so far this year. This time last year he had seven turnovers. So far this year he’s had two and one was a hail mary attempt. Danny will have to dime to keep pace with this Dallas offence and with Joe Judge only getting blown out once as the Giants HC, they’ll need to put up close to 30 points for that not to happen again. 

RB – Ezekiel Elliott ($7,000)

I don’t want to hear about Tony Pollard. The fact is Zeke is still the main man out of the Dallas backfield and his average of around 20 fantasy points over the last three games shows it. At $7k for a guy who will get 20 or so touches against a defence that is more concerned with stopping big plays downfield than stopping the run, he will have a very solid floor this Sunday with plenty of upside if he does find the endzone. 

RB – Leonard Fournette ($5,200)

Another play that is just too cheap considering he is seeing his touches rise each week. Fournette saw a season-high 20 rushes last Sunday night against the Pats whilst also collecting 3 balls on 5 targets. He had a TD poached by Ro-Jo and the same may happen to Zeke with Pollard, but we want the volume this week and we are getting plenty at a discounted rate with these two RB’s.

WR – Davante Adams ($8,200)

Davante Adams – Capable of scoring BIG in any game week. Is this one of those weeks?

The man who has the ability to break a slate open for you and I fully expect him to do so against this Bengals team in a game projected for over 50 points. Not only does he eat targets but he’s as good as a running back in and around the 5 with Rodgers not afraid to find him in short and goal situations. Another play with plenty of volume so let’s continue that theme. 

WR – Justin Jefferson ($7,700)

This is why we are finding value at running back as one thing we won’t have this Sunday are any zeros on our scoreboard when it comes to receivers. JJ is the WR1 on my board for the week coming up against the terrible Detroit Lions. Initially, I liked Dalvin Cook for this Vikings team but with the depth at running back and our struggles at wideout last Sunday we are all in on our receiving core.

WR – Keenan Allen ($6,500)

We have Adams and Jefferson yet there is still no let-up in quality as Keenan Allen is another play for me who is undervalued this Sunday. I get it’s a tough matchup against the Browns and Mike Williams is ballin’ out right now. However, for $6.5k you’re getting a man who is averaging 11 targets a game. If you’re getting that volume your floor is always going to be solid and once again the TD potential can help us hit a nice ceiling with Williams drawing more and more attention as the weeks go by. 

TE – Ricky Seals-Jones ($2,500)

Now we need some value but I’m happy to take this risk with Ricky Seals-Jones for $2.5k. He will act as the TE1 for Washington, with Logan Thomas on IR. He saw 92% of the snaps last Sunday after coming on for Thomas in the first quarter and if he can spend that amount of time on the field again there will be opportunities for him to hit double figures and be a real value play for us at tight end. 

FLEX – Kadarius Toney ($4,000)

We need a link for Daniel Jones and I’ve opted for Kadarius Toney to fill that role after an impressive performance last weekend against the Saints. With Shepard & Slayton missing once again, the human joystick should see enough of the ball to make things happen against the worst team in the league defending yards after the catch. Get the ball in his hands and Toney TNT will make things happen. 

DEF – Raiders ($2,900)

We actually have a little money for our D this weekend so I have gone with the most expensive option available in the Raiders. They have averaged 2 sacks a game and are yet to have a game in the minus from a fantasy point of view. They face the Bears who have one of the worst offences in the league so another week in the green for the Raiders D will do us just fine. 

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