DraftKings – Week Five Review & Week Six Tips

It’s taken five long weeks but we finally have a winner AND it was significant enough to put us back in the green for the season.

Going into the game week we were at a -$85 yet this Sunday we managed to pick up a very tidy $98.18 meaning we are now $13.18 up for the season. 

As always with a winner you think of what could’ve been and we got a little unlucky with a few plays. However, you’re never going to win the big bucks unless you hit on your stacks, a strategy we left alone last week to focus on volume and that’s what we got. The guy who won the million hit on the Bucs stack of Brady, Evans & AB, who combined for well over 100 points alone.

This isn’t the way we are going to go with this as the purpose is to hopefully find you a few plays you agree with to help build your own teams. So we are going to do our best to stay in the green and find those volume and value plays each week. 

Week 5 Reviewed

The only play we had who never met their value last Sunday was Daniel Jones. Unfortunately for us (and him) he ended up leaving the game with a nasty concussion, meaning he only scored us 4.82. When you’re in the money every point matters and with the Cowboys going on to put up 44 points you feel Jones would have ended the day with a significant number if he stayed healthy.

The only real stack we had was Jones alongside Kadarius Toney who had a monster weekend for a $4,000 receiver ending up as the WR5 over the Sunday slate with 32.60. If he had the supply of Jones rather than Mike Glennon we really could have taken off in week five.

Zeke did as we expected against the Giants getting us the 100 yard rush bonus on top of two TDs seeing him put up 28.20 points with Leo Fournette not far behind him with a score of 21.00.

Our receivers found plenty of volume as expected with the most disappointing being Keenan Allen who put up a poor 13.50 in a game where the Chargers scored 47 points and Mike Williams stole the show yet again. Justin Jefferson fared better for the Viks with a score of 22.40 with our star of the show as always being Devante Adams who grabbed a mega 40.60.

Seals-Jones provided value at tight end with 9.10 for a price tag of $2.5k before the Raiders D finished things with a score of 3.0. 

So, this weekend we stick to the same strategy of finding that volume where we can with the occasional value play sprinkled in as we opt for the $20 – $4m Fantasy Football Millionaire and hope to stay in profit

Week 6 Tips

QB – Taylor Heinicke ($5,800)

Taylor Heinicke – We suspect he may be a busy guy as he tries to keep pace with Patrick Mahomes

Our first play is most definitely a value play, with a QB under $6k. The logic behind the pick is the Chiefs will have a point to prove after last weekend and to keep up, Heinicke will be throwing the ball a lot. He’s had somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to fantasy so far this season with three games going for over 20+ points and the other two for just over 10. That floor of 10 largely comes from him rushing 6 or 7 times a game so if he can add some yards through the air against the leagues 31st ranked defence we should see a solid week from Heinicke. 

RB – Austin Ekeler ($7,900)

Ekeler is as consistent a running back as you can get right now. After a week one low of zero targets and a score of 11 fantasy points his numbers have risen week by week. He will see at least five targets out of the backfield along with 15-20 rushing attempts in a likely high scoring game against Lamar Jackson and friends. With that volume alone, the potential to hit 30+ points is there, just like he has in the last two weeks. 

RB – Jonathan Taylor ($6,600)

It’s very much déjà vu when it comes to Jonathan Taylor who also had a slow start last year when it came to fantasy. He reminded everyone of what he could do last Sunday going for close to 170 scrimmage yards and this weekend he faces the Texans who rank 26th against the run. With Wentz seemingly more settled in this Colts offence I predict them to have a big week against this Texans team. 

WR – Terry McLaurin ($7,100)

Terry McLaurin – Along with Heinicke, he will be pivotal to our success or failure this weekend

If you’re starting Heinicke then you’ve got to start Scary Terry for this Washington offence. He’s the main danger on this team and if they are to keep pace with the Chiefs offence, you’d imagine he would have to be very involved. F1 has had two 30+ fantasy games so far this season both coming up against weak defences and that’s the case here in week six. 

WR – Michael Pittman Jr. ($5,500)

We are attacking this Houston D with another dart and this time it’s from the receiver position with Michael Pittman Jr. Through five weeks Pittman has seen 43 targets and with that trust building with his QB he should see a decent amount yet again against a team not only poor against the run, but the pass too. 

WR – Tee Higgins ($5,300)

After a stop, start beginning to the season Tee Higgins has still managed 22 targets in just 3 starts. With teammate Ja’Marr Chase grabbing the headlines in recent weeks they still see a similar amount of targets per game and with a $1,400 price difference I’m going with the cheaper man travelling to Detroit this Sunday. 

 TE – Ricky Seals-Jones ($3,000)

Insert what I said last week. He’s still under-priced despite the $500 rise from last Sunday and will be the TE1 for Washington who are injury hit at wide receiver. He ended up seeing 9 targets last week and he should see a similar amount this upcoming weekend against the defensively poor Chiefs. If Washington can keep pace there’s no doubt he and McLaurin will be involved.

FLEX – Darrell Henderson ($6,000)

We all saw what Zeke did to the Giants D last Sunday and I’d expect more of the same from Darrell Henderson this Sunday. He’s getting a similar workload to Austin Ekeler, with an average of 15 carries per game and 4 or 5 targets each week. He is also pretty much guaranteed the inside the 5-yard carries for this Rams team and if last weekend is anything to go by, this LA team will be inside the Giants 5 a lot! 

DEF – Cardinals ($2,700)

Any play under $2.5k on defence this Sunday is horrible. You can normally find a team to keep you in the green at a low cost but I’m really struggling to find it this week. That means we have spent a little more than normal and gone with the $2,700 Arizona Cardinals who have 12 sacks and 5 interceptions on the season so far and we could do with a few of those to keep it respectable against this Browns attack.

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