DraftKings – Week Seven Review & Week Eight Tips

What a strange week seven that was!

Despite my fantasy teams fairing awful and me having no luck in any cash games on DraftKings, we somehow snuck a profit in our tournament. Granted it was only $4 but a good gambler will always tell you ‘any profit is good profit’.

So, let’s have a look at how we clawed our way into the money in week seven, putting us at a minor loss of -$2.82 heading into week eight.

Week 7 Reviewed

Jalen Hurts just finds a way to score fantasy points. I would like to say I did tip him in pre-season as a dark horse QB play (although I did also put up Brandon Aiyuk!). Yet Hurts just puts up numbers even if they do largely come in garbage time. He totalled 24.54 which is what we are coming to expect from the Eagles no.1. Unfortunately for us, any connections he had through the air were with teammates Kenny Gainwell & Jalen Reagor who both grabbed touchdowns meaning our pick, DeVonte Smith, put up a very average 11.10. The logic was right as Smith had 11 targets which were more than anyone else on the team. We just never got that TD upside from him.

It was a similar story for our other rookie receivers who both got the targets we expected yet just fell short of having a big play or finding the endzone to excel us to the next level.

Waddle ended up going for 83 yards on eight targets picking us up 15.30 points whereas our value play in $3.4k receiver Rashod Bateman hit 80 yards on six targets totting up 11.00 points also. Our biggest miss came at running back with big money play Aaron Jones going nowhere near his $7.5k value only hitting 8.90 points with him being our only snowflake over the game week. Fellow back Cordarrelle Patterson faired a little better at a lower cost finding the endzone and doing everything else as expected, getting us 14.10.

Aaron Jones – Tries to plead his innocence but at the end of the day Aaron, you cost us!

The only non-rookie receiver we played was in our flex and despite him being solid enough we never got enough from D-Hop and the Cards offence against the woeful Texans. He only went for 53 yards but we had the touchdown upside meaning we got a solid enough 18.30 from him. Our two fire selections came at tight end and defence where Mike Gesicki continued to impress for this Fins’ offence picking up 21.50 and in what I called a must-win game for the G-Men they delivered against the Panthers. The Giants D only allowed 3 points meaning we scored a very tidy 17.00 from them to help us sneak our way into the green. 

So, overall not a bad game week. If we had one of either Jones or Hopkins meet expectations we could have found ourselves with a tidy profit in week seven.

Yet it wasn’t to be, so let’s see if we fare any better in week eight in the $20 – $3.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire where we have a very much no-nonsense line-up.

Week 8 Tips

QB – Matt Stafford ($7,600)

Joe Burrow is very good, Jalen Hurts scores points, Justin Herbert is a machine and they are all cheaper options than Matty Stafford this week. However, over half of the millionaire maker winners so far this season have come with a Stafford / Kupp stack. So spoiler alert, guess what we’re doing this week?! 

RB – D’Andre Swift ($7,100)

I said at the start of the season that Austin Ekeler is Alvin Kamara lite. Well heading into week eight I think it’s fair to say D’Andre Swift is now Austin Ekeler lite. Between 10-15 rushing attempts each week, with 7 or 8 pass targets and coming up against the Eagles D – ranked 26th against the run – in a likely close game. Give me some D-Swift this Sunday.

RB – Kenneth Gainwell ($5,000)

With Miles Sanders out, it’s more than likely Kenny G is going to be the man for Philly E. We all know the Eagles don’t run the ball a lot unless it’s with their QB but there are two reasons to go with Gainwell in a bring back to Swift this weekend. One is the pass-catching ability Gainwell brings to the table, with each running back catch being worth around 2.4 more points on average than a rush attempt. The second is this should be a close game with the spread being only 3 points. So, neither team should get away from the run.

WR – Cooper Kupp ($9,000) 

Cooper Kupp is excelling this season and outshining veteran Robert Woods, in this Rams offence

I don’t care that he’s $9k and needs to score over 26 points to hit his value. The man has hit the 100+ yard bonus in four of his seven games. He’s also had four games with multiple touchdowns. The question isn’t can the Texans defence stop him. It’s how many points will he put on the board before they bench him for the second string.

WR – Ja’Marr Chase ($7,500)

Do you want to win at fantasy football? So why not pair the league’s leading fantasy receiver with the guy who’s second when it comes to available receivers on the Sunday slate. They have 1,563 yards between them and 15 touchdowns. Oh, and if you’re not facing the Houston defence, you’d probably take the Jets as a second choice. Let’s hope they both ball out.

WR – Danny Amendola ($3,000)

To win big on these millionaire makers you need your stars to perform as expected and finish in the top 3 or 4 at their position. But the winning comes from the value plays elsewhere. Plenty of players will have a Stafford / Kupp or Burrow / Chase stack this weekend so it’s elsewhere where you need to separate yourself from the field and that’s exactly what we are doing here with our value play being Danny Amendola. Yes, he’s still alive! In his two full starts (week one and last week) he’s had five targets. He will probably have more this Sunday trying to keep pace with this Rams offence so for that reason, he’s in at $3k.

TE – Tommy Sweeney ($2,900)

An even cheaper play than Amendola at $3k is our tight end selection in Tommy Sweeney. It’s as simple as this. The Bills like to throw the ball. Sweeney is the only active tight end on this Bills roster. 2 + 2 usually makes 4, so let’s hope our math is right in this case in the bring back to our next pick.

FLEX – Myles Gaskin ($5,600)

Myles Gaskin – A pick that could make or break our team selections this week

Yes, it made me a little bit sick in my mouth just typing this but stay with me. I know he’s a fantasy enigma, with him seeing fifteen rush attempts one week and ten catches in another, to having games of two rush attempts and zero targets. Yet, if the Bills race ahead in this one I’m hoping it will lead to plenty of opportunities out of the backfield for Gaskin, who put up 32 fantasy points in a game they were blown out by the Bucs. There are definitely wiser ways to spend just over $5.5k but this game is called gambling for a reason.

DEF – Washington Football Team ($2,100)

Despite them falling short of what was advertised in the offseason, this Washington D has put up 7 and 8 fantasy points in recent weeks against Mahomes and the Chiefs and Rodgers and the Packers. This Sunday they face Bridgewater and the Broncos *insert thinking emoji*. They seem far too cheap at just over $2k this upcoming Sunday in a much easier matchup than previous weeks.

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