DraftKings – Week Eight Review & Week Nine Tips

Week nine is upon us and we are officially over the halfway mark in this 17 game season. So, let’s see where we are at.

From eight tournament plays we have only made the top 20% on two occasions where we have found the money. However, our profit/loss margin isn’t as bad as it seems with us only being -$22.82 down after last Sunday’s loss. 

As I said several times last season we are going for broke here only playing the big money tournament. A number of these lineups have been successful in head to head cash games so if we can break even on the millionaire maker it’s like having 17 free darts at becoming a millionaire. 

That said, there are no excuses for last weekend. I tend to enter around 10/12 different lineups each week in a variety of tournaments and cash games. The lineup I posted here was the lowest scoring of all 12. Let’s find out why before we move on to a very exciting week nine.

Week 8 Reviewed

The Stafford/Kupp stack worked as expected and with only 7% on Stafford’s 27.20 points and 14.5% on Cooper’s 27.50 seeing them both end the Sunday just inside of the top 5 at their position. A good start!

Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp – the highlight of a miserable week 8 for our team

Now the bad and there’s plenty of it. Let’s start with the running backs.

The Eagles/Lions game couldn’t have been more of a disaster. The blowout meant Detroit quickly got away from the run game meaning D-Swift only got us 9.10 points. Worse than that on the opposite side of the football 17% of us fell for Kenny G having a big role out of the Eagles backfield. He ended up as the RB3 with both Boston Scott and Jordan Howard taking over and getting two touchdowns EACH! The only reason we ended up with 2.70 points from Gainwell is he came in with the second string once the game was over after the third quarter. Miles Gaskin was well, Miles Gaskin. Despite 12 rush attempts and 4 targets, he wasn’t much use with a score of 8.50. It’s nailed on that he has a big week against the Texans this Sunday.

Our other big-money play was Ja’Marr Chase who faced the Jets and put up his worst fantasy score of the season with a 13.10. Typical. Danny Amendola did get the five targets as expected… he caught two of them for three yards. That was a score of 2.30. We finish with the tight end and defence. Tommy Sweeney got us 6.00 points with the Washington D being one of our better plays of the week with 7.00. 

I’d go as far as to say that’s the worst fantasy score in my three years of playing. However, we look ahead as sometimes you pick a lineup and it just clicks. No tinkering or doubts it just feels right and that’s what we have for this Sunday.

So, let’s talk about it as we once again enter the $20 – $3.5MIL Fantasy Millionaire Maker.

Week 9 Tips

QB – Kirk Cousins ($6,200)

Kirk Cousins – You like that? You like that?

I know what you’re thinking! How can you pick a lineup that ‘feels right’ and have Kirk Cousins at QB? Let me tell you why. One of the highest totalled games on the slate with a predicted total of 51 points. 80% of the points against Baltimore this season have been through the air as they’re the worst-ranked defence in the league against the pass. At a salary of $6.2k, we should see our value met at QB this Sunday.

RB – Austin Ekeler ($7,900)

It’s Austin Ekeler who never fails to get a workload facing the 24th ranked Eagles against the run. As always we get the pass-catching upside with no.30 and a huge touchdown upside. There’s no way the Eagles can ruin our Sunday two weeks in a row… can they?! 

RB – Cordarrelle Patterson ($6,300)

There’s no way I’m allowing regular scores of 7 or 8 to happen this week. C-Pat runs and catches, meaning he sees around 15 touches per game. That number should only grow with the missing Calvin Ridley in the Falcons offence. With a season average of 19.2 fantasy points that number should only rise over the coming weeks.

WR – Justin Jefferson ($7,500)

Double J saw a season-low four targets last Sunday securing two for 21 yards. This screams bounce back against the porous Ravens. Before last weekend’s shut out, largely down to Trevon Diggs, Jefferson saw no less than seven targets per game with his season-high being fourteen. If we can find anything in between those numbers you’d expect a big game from the Vikings wideout. 

WR – Marquise Brown ($6,000)

People seem to have mixed opinions on Hollywood Brown but here’s what I see. Double-digit targets, big-play ability, red-zone threat. So far this season he’s had 57 targets for 566 yards and 6 touchdowns and that doesn’t include the drops! Yes, he might let a few slip through his fingers, but that’s why he’s a $6k receiver and one I’m prepared to take a chance on.

WR – Kadarius Toney ($5,200)

Kadarius Toney – Hopefully, KT will be in the headlines for the right reasons this weekend

Barkley out, Shepard out, Golladay questionable, Ross questionable. The Giants just aren’t very healthy right now when it comes to players in skill positions. Step forward Kadarius Toney. In another must-win game for the Giants or heads may start to roll in the GM office, it’s likely going to come down to DJ and KT. The rookie is electric with the ball in hand and with the Giants struggling to protect Jones we’ll need to see plenty of YAC from Toney on short passes out of the slot.

TE – Tyler Conklin ($3,000)

I’ve already touched on Raven’s defensive abilities through the air… or should I say lack of?! With this $3k pick, we could have plenty of joy with the double bubble that would come along with it seeing as we also have the man who will be throwing the ball to him. If they manage to find the endzone in Baltimore it should set us up very nicely. 

FLEX – Jerry Jeudy ($5,000)

Another man on the injury comeback is Jerry Jeudy who saw his first action last weekend since week one. The one thing both games had in common is Jeudy led the way in catches in both. This Sunday they face the returning Dak Prescott who’s offence put up points for fun. Now facing a weakened Denver D after the loss of Miller you feel the Broncos will be playing catch up in this one which should be to our receivers benefit. 

DEF – Giants ($2,700)

Let’s go big blue! The Giants D never let me down in our selection of them two weeks ago and despite them being the only part of the Giants team not letting me down right now I fancy a big game from them again here in week nine. They face the much disrupted Vegas Raiders, but with the improvements we’ve seen from the Giants D in recent weeks, I’m sticking with them to help the Giants get a big win in the Meadowlands. 

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