DraftKings – Week Nine Review & Week Ten Tips

We’ve hit double figures!

It’s already week ten in the national football league and after last weekend’s performance, we are also in to double figures when it comes to profit. After a number of smash plays last Sunday we now sit on a profit of $76.53 after a pick up of $99.35 on the game week. If you want to include last seasons number, which I will as it’s good for my ego, our total profit right now after a season and a half of playing is +$192.44. I also have a good feeling about this weekend but first, let’s review last week.

Week 9 Reviewed

Our main meat of the stack was Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson with a side portion of Tyler Conklin. They combined for 48.08 points total (21.58, 17.00, 9.50 in that order) for under $17,000. Not enough to see you hitting the big money, but more than enough to keep you in contention. Unfortunately for us, our most expensive play hit his floor rather than his ceiling, with Austin Ekeler putting up his second-lowest number of the season with a score of 11.20. Our boy C-Pat faired much better seeing flames with a total of 22.60, ending the week as a top 5 play.

Codarrelle Patterson- helped steer our ship into profit last week

Another top 5 play was Hollywood Brown who rallied late on and went over the 100-yard bonus in overtime to see us good for 23.60. Jerry Jeudy was our final wide receiver play and he also found his floor of 12.90 keeping us in the hunt. Our only flop came in the shape of Kadarius Toney, who the Giants decided not to use in their run-heavy victory against the Vegas Raiders. He put up a woefully low 1.70 killing our chances of a substantial victory. My Giants did redeem themselves on defence however with another good showing, giving us an additional 14.00. 

The key to our profitable Sunday was having plenty of players who have a solid floor of points each week. Despite Ekeler, Jefferson, Jeudy and Conklin not finding the flames on DraftKings they all had solid enough games to keep us in contention. We hit with Cousins and Brown who helped project us into the money but fell short of a big prize with the miss of KT in our flex. An average game for him and Ekeler who was below his seasonal average would have put us into treble figures on the profit column in week nine.

Week ten is a treat and I’ve been torn between four lineups for a number of days now so let’s find out which one I’ve settled on as we play the $20 – $3.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire. 

Week 10 Tips

QB – Tom Brady ($7,600)

TB12 – ‘Nuff said

If in doubt… go with the GOAT. I toyed with Herbert stacks, Wilson stacks, Rodgers stacks but Tom Brady has thrown for four or more touchdowns in five games this year. He’s clearly going after the TD record with him throwing an absurd amount of passes inside the five despite having the reliable Leo Fournette. For that reason, I’m hoping for another multi-touchdown game from the greatest to ever do it.

RB – Jonathan Taylor ($8,100)

Does a week go by without JT running for a 60-yard touchdown? Once he hits that second level he’s gone and off to the races. This Sunday he faces the Jags in a game where the Colts are favoured and at home. Ticks all the boxes for another big performance from number 28.

RB – Najee Harris ($7,900)

I’d be surprised if Najee isn’t carrying a football at this very moment. The man just eats volume averaging nearly 19 carries per game. If he gets that amount of touches against the league’s 31st ranked defence against running backs, I’d be hoping for a 100-yard bonus from the rookie out of Alabama.

WR – Mike Evans ($6,900)

My favourite play of the week. Godwin is doubtful, Brown is out and Tyler Johnson is potentially the WR2. Mike Evans will be the go-to guy for this Brady led offence. Evans has put up two single-digit fantasy scores on the year when he came up against Trevon Diggs and Darius Slay. Without a superstar cornerback in Washington, he should have more joy against this NFC East team.

WR – Tyler Johnson ($3,300)

I’ve just mentioned him and even if Godwin does go he’ll act as the WR3 in this pass-heavy offence. In games where he’s become that third guy, he’s had six targets in both those games. If he can get the same again he should comfortably 3-X his salary and be a value play for us at receiver. 

WR – Jerry Jeudy ($5,300)

You can copy and paste what I said last week. Jeudy just gets targets when healthy and that number was on the rise last Sunday in his second game back from injury. He should have plenty of joy out of the slot against this Eagles team who are very good on the outside and will be occupied by Sutton and Patrick. If he can see his usual 6-8 targets he’ll have plenty of opportunity for a productive day at the Mile High.

TE – Tyler Conklin ($3,400)

Tyler Conklin – Viking in both looks and team and he gets the nod from us for the second week running

I know it’s boring but it’s another copy and paste play from last week. Despite a $400 price rise that’s still not enough for a guy who’s on the field for 87% of the offensive snaps. What I really like about this one is the Vikings – Chargers game is the highest totalled game of the week. If it does go off in LA our man should see plenty of action from the tight end position.

FLEX – D’Ernest Johnson ($4,700)

He had one full start for this Browns offence and went for 146 yards and a touchdown. The ability is there and with Nick Chubb missing, the volume will be also. The question is, will he be able to take advantage against this Patriots D. In what’s likely to be a close game the game script should favour the running back and at under $5k he’s worth the risk in our flex position.

DEF – Browns ($2,800)

This Cleveland D scored 18 fantasy points last Sunday against the talented Joe Burrow. This Sunday they face the less talented Mac Jones. They’re my play at defence who are looking like they’ll have to carry this Mayfield leg offence if they want to get the win in New England.

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