DraftKings – Week Ten Review & Week Eleven Tips

As we head towards week eleven of the football season, we seem to have found some consistency with our draft kings selections, as we have back to back profit ladies and gentlemen. Granted, it was only a $33.52 win but if we add that $13.52 profit after the $20 initial stake we are now up to $90.05 on the season, with three winning weeks out of the last four!

Let’s check out how we got into the green yet again, before looking ahead to this Sunday and hopefully some more profit. 

Week 10 Reviewed

As always we start with the stack which was actually a miss. Brady and the Bucs alongside Mike Evans struggled in the US capital, seeing them score a below-average 15.00 for the quarterback and 14.20 from the wideout. Alongside teammate Tyler Johnson at just over $3k who put up 4.70, it was a disappointing day for the Bucs offence who will no doubt take it out on my Giants this Monday night.

Despite the disappointing start those plays still met their floor meaning we were still in with a shot. Our only other receiver Jerry Jeudy also hit his floor with a score of 11.10 meaning we needed to smash on our three running back selections and that’s exactly what we did. All three finished in the top 8 when it came to the Sunday slate with Jonathan Taylor doing Jonathan Taylor things, going over 20 fantasy points for the seventh week in a row.

He grabbed us 27.60 points, yet the better play was the 22.70 we got from D’Ernest Johnson who was nearly half the price of JT and gave us a very nice score himself. Najee Harris was also a hit despite being the lowest scoring of the three as he went for 20.30 on thirty touches!

Despite the running backs hitting it still wasn’t enough to see us in the money and Tyler Conklin didn’t help with 3 catches for 11yards. I’m very quick to point out the bad luck we have in this game and there is plenty of it. This week I can have no complaints as those 11 yards from the tight end were crucial as two of them were caught in the endzone meaning Conklin went from a likely score of 4.00 points to a very helpful 16.10.

Tyler Conklin – We highlighted him last week and he didn’t let us down. So, we’ve highlighted him again!

Despite the Browns D getting slaughtered by Mac Jones resulting in a -2.00 loss for us we still managed to sneak into the money thanks to those two touchdowns and some very good running back selections.

Yet again the strategy of picking players who get you double figures even on a poor week has paid off. Then all you need is three or four players to hit flames and you’re not far from the green. Ideally, what we are after is for all plays to hit their ceiling, but if it was that easy I wouldn’t be writing this and I’d be on a beach in Hawaii instead.

So, as we keep searching for that golden week we’ll take whatever profit we have and keep playing free of charge as yet again we go for the $20 – $3.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire. 

Week 11 Tips

QB – Dak Prescott ($7,200)

Cowboys at Chiefs. The highest projected total game of the week at 56 points and I want to be part of it. I feel there won’t be much difference in terms of fantasy points between the two opposing QB’s so we’ll ride with Dak here who’s $400 cheaper and a much-needed saving after you see our receiver selections. The Cowboys are extremely flexible when it comes to game scripts and are happy to go heavy run or pass depending on what’s needed. Let’s hope Mahomes and friends are back up to speed so Dallas has to chase them.

RB – Nick Chubb ($7,800)

Nick Chubb – When the Cleveland Dawgs bark, Chubb usually leads the pack

My favourite running back play of the weekend comes in the shape of returning back Nick Chubb. If you didn’t already know… he’s really good! He also faces the Lions this week who rank 30th against the run. He plays in a run-heavy offence, he’s at home and his team are favourites. You’ll be kicking yourself this Sunday if he goes off and you’re not on him. 

RB – D’Onta Foreman ($4,900)

When I make this line up I like to pencil it in on Monday and as the week goes by I make changes depending on what team news is coming out. All week I’ve had AJ Dillion in as my RB2 but have decided to take the saving D’Onta Foreman brings instead. It’s a riskier play than Dillion with Foreman only just outpacing the legendary Adrian Peterson last Sunday. However, Foreman was far more productive than AP, especially out of the backfield with 48 receiving yards. With the Titans other back, Jeremy McNichols missing with a concussion, the hope is Foreman picks up the extra carries and is the team’s RB1.

WR – CeeDee Lamb ($7,600)

If we’re going to have a shootout in Kansas I want this Cowboy on my side. Despite the number of weapons Dak has available, CeeDee is his smoking gun who has the capabilities to break a slate open. That will be even more likely with WR2 Amari Cooper missing this Sunday. He’ll be playing with a solid floor, but it’s all about trying to find that ceiling and if he gets his usual 8-10 targets he’ll make this Chiefs secondary miss.

WR – Tyreek Hill ($8,200) 

So we have a shootout going down in KC and you’re fighting the Cowboys. How about having a guy on your side who can outrun the bullets? Repeat the last sentence from what I wrote about CeeDee. Another play that has the potential to break open a Sunday slate so let’s hope we get to see Hill and Lamb firing on all cylinders.

WR – Tee Higgins ($5,400)

If in doubt, go to Tee Higg. He’s that safety blanket play who’s never more than $5.5k and will consistently get you around 13 fantasy points. The only thing lacking from Higgins’ game are the touchdowns as he’s not scored since week two. That being said we still get 7+ targets and he’s led his team in yards for the last two weeks. If he could just find the endzone he’ll more than meet his value.

TE – John Bates ($2,500)

Ok, now we are broke! Who the hell is John Bates? I have no idea either. All I know is Washington has no Logan Thomas or Ricky Seals-Jones. In that case, Bates seems like the next man up. He came in for the injured RSJ last week and played 47 snaps catching all three targets for 25 yards. That scored him 5.5 fantasy points and at $2.5k I’d take that again from the rookie to keep us in the hunt.

FLEX – Bryan Edwards ($4,100)

On a bring back to Tee Higgins we go with Bryan Edwards who despite the lowly price tag has a pretty solid floor himself. He tends to find between 4-6 targets a week and has that big-play ability with four catches this year going for over 60 yards. With Henry Ruggs out of that receiving core, he should see his target share rise in a game that’s predicted to score around 50 points. 

DEF – Jaguars ($2,300)

The Jacksonville/London Jaguars got 17 fantasy points against the Bills two weeks ago. Forget about that being their only double-digit score on defence this season. Let’s also forget how they let the Texans put up 37 points against them, or how Geno Smith tore them apart three weeks ago. I really believe in this Jags D and it’s definitely not a desperation pick due to the funds we have left…

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