DraftKings – Week Twelve Review & Week Thirteen Tips

As predicted, last weekend sucked!

If you had a winner, congratulations. If you never, you probably hated it as much as I did. That’s two awful weeks in a row after hitting profit in three out of the four before that.

This weekend, we are back to being optimistic. It’s a great slate with high totalled games and plenty of competitive football, which is what we need to get the juices flowing. It’s the type of Sunday on paper that is made for DraftKings. So, let’s briefly run down last weekend’s events but quickly get to this upcoming Sunday so the vibes stay positive.

Week Twelve Reviewed

Cam got benched and CMC went off injured. Review over! 8.18 and 3.50 points between them for over $14.5k – that killed us.

Godwin had no joy as Fournette was touchdown happy, scoring a lowly 5.70 while Pittman Jr. couldn’t catch a cold bringing in only 4 of 10 targets for 9.30 points. Eli Moore was also poor, tying Pittman’s score of 9.30. Geoff Swaim sucked as did Ty Johnson. 1.80 and 4.20 from both in that order.

The only bright light was Deebo who got us 20.80 points despite going off injured and once again my Giants D who totalled 13.00. We aren’t going to dwell on it. It was a predicted bad week and that’s what happened.

This Sunday will be a lot different. 

My advice would be to hit a Brady, Stafford, Murray, Burrow & Herbert stack with their usual targets and have at least 5 or 6 entries in the $3 tournament for $1.1mil. As I said earlier, it’s a fun week to play DraftKings and if you’ve got a team or two who shoot out and are still in contention heading into the late games on Sunday, it’ll be even more enjoyable for you. 

For the purposes of what we do here though, I’ll give you my predicted best lineup from the 4,968 teams, I’ve already created!

So let’s use some of the $50.05 remaining profit and play the $20 – $3.25M Fantasy Football Millionaire.

Week Thirteen Tips

QB – Justin Herbert ($6,700)

Justin Herbert – So good that the Chargers have already forgotten Philip Rivers

We had this issue in week ten when it came to being spoiled for choice in the quarterback department. That time we went with the GOAT which backfired as he got shut down by Washington, having his worst game of the season, typically for us. This time we are going to let the numbers do the talking. The highest scoring DraftKings QB on the Sunday slate is Justin Herbert with 274.5 (only second to Josh Allen overall). That’ll do.

RB – Jonathan Taylor ($9,200)

Why don’t we pair the QB1 with the RB1? Jonathan Taylor is averaging 25.5 points a game and comes up against the 31st ranked Texans against the rush. No more analysis is needed. If both our number one plays hit their season average we should be looking at around 50 points right off the bat. 

RB – Joe Mixon ($8,100)

How about we pair the first placed running back with the guy at number three? He may be averaging 5 points less than Taylor per game, but to even it out he faces the only team ranked worse than the Texans against the rush in the LA Chargers. If only this game was played on paper. 

WR – DeAndre Hopkins ($6,200)

D-Hop – That’s it!

Imagine getting the QB1, RB1 & RB3 on the Sunday slate and still having the funds to snag De Hop. He, alongside quarterback Kyler Murray, have missed the last 3 games, but both look set to return this Sunday in Chicago. Hopkins at $6.2k is far too cheap, even with Colt McCoy at QB. If we get Murray back and his number one receiver at a discounted rate I’m all for taking that chance.

WR – Mike Williams ($5,700)

If you’ve got Herbert at quarterback you need one of his pass-catchers. With Allen not fitting the budget with what else we want to do with the lineup, we’ll go with his no.2, Mike Williams. Despite not hitting his early-season heights of late we are still seeing around 6 targets per game for number 81. In a game that looks like it could be a shootout, we may have a slate breaker for just over $5.5k.

WR – Scotty Miller ($3,000)

We’ve spent BIG so far so a couple of value plays are a must here. Our first one comes in the shape of returning speedster Scotty Miller. With AB missing that WR3 role has fallen to Tyler Johnson who has come up short for this Bucs offence. Last Sunday, Miller was eased back in by Bruce Arians and if he can line up as that 3rd wideout in Atlanta this Sunday we’ll be crossing our fingers for a big play or two. 

TE – Foster Moreau ($2,700)

Fancy Darren Waller for $2,700? Yes, please. Ok, he’s not quite at the level of Waller, but he was the replacement for him in week seven. In that game, he put up 18 fantasy points on six targets. Last Sunday he had five targets as he became the TE1 after Waller’s injury. If we can get a tight end with Darren Waller type targets for just over $2.5k it’s a yes from me. 

Flex – Eli Mitchell ($6,000)

Eli Mitchell – Has helped the 49ers backfield get over the loss of Raheem Mostert

The reason for an extremely cheap play in Miller at receiver and our awful defence which is coming up is because of this man. I really wanted to find a way to get Eli Mitchell in this lineup along with our other two backs. When Eli is healthy and the leading back, we are seeing Najee Harris type numbers from Mitchell. He’s had two games this season with 27 carries showing if the ‘Niners get ahead they’re not afraid to run out the clock. They face a team ranked 31st against running backs and are struggling right now. Let’s hope we see San Fran playing from ahead in Seattle. 

DEF – Lions ($2,300)

*Insert vomit emoji* I know, but the other choices were Houston, Atlanta or Jacksonville with our remaining budget. The one positive I can find is the Lions played the Vikings in week five and managed to score 7 fantasy points. They have also only been in the minus twice this season. If we can get a + score out of this D we’ll take it.

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