DraftKings – Week Thirteen Review & Week Fourteen Tips

After a disastrous few weeks and us nearly going off the rails, we managed to right the wagon in week 13.

Unfortunately for us, we never quite hit top speed and it was more of a gentle trundle through the countryside.

However, it did mean we broke a two-week losing streak, grabbing a nice little $34.71 win. If you add that to the $30.05 profit we already have, we are at + $64.76. That means if we don’t find a winner over the last four-game weeks we can lose no more than $15.24.

I did go back and have a look at where we were this time last year. We are a little behind last season’s standards with us having a healthy $125.91 profit 12 months ago, so a big weekend is needed. Although this year we have taken the approach of just playing the millionaire maker.

So let’s take stock before putting the pedal to the metal in week 14.

Week Thirteen Reviewed

I started last week by saying our first two picks should get us around 50 points.

In fact, they over exceeded with a total of 57.58. Herbert hitting flames and a total of 29.28, whilst RB1 Taylor, grabbed us the remaining 28.30.

Our biggest disappointment for value was Joe Mixon who spent all afternoon playing catch up to Herbert, meaning a slight abandonment of the run game for the Bengals. For us, this meant he went slightly under his floor putting up 10.40.

A great week for Herbert meant a poor week for Joe Mixon

Another floor play was DeAndre Hopkins who luckily got a touchdown for us on his dismal 32 yards, meaning he dug out a score of 11.20. Mike Williams was unlucky not to score more in the Chargers romp failing to find the end zone but still getting a very healthy 19.00. The flop was Scotty Miller who got a big fat 0. Quite simply a poor selection on my part, so a little more research has gone into the value pick this week.

Foster Moreau never fared much better but his 4.40 did help put us into the profit along with an unexpected 5.00 from the Lions D. Our final player in the flex was Eli Mitchell who managed to reach double figures with a score of 17.40 seeing us well and truly into the green. 

Despite a couple of misses, we hit the formula once again of our starts hitting their floor when not performing with only a play or two needing to smash, to hit the cash. Let’s look for the same without any zero’s in this weekend $20 – $3.25M Fantasy Football Millionaire. 

Week Fourteen Tips

QB – Taysom Hill ($5,600)

Despite throwing four interceptions last weekend, Hill still managed 27.7 fantasy points for the Saints. That is largely down to the rushing upside you get with him securing you 6-8 fantasy points before he’s even thrown a ball. I don’t expect him to hit the 100-yard bonus like last Sunday but if he can throw a touchdown or two against this porous Jets defence he should comfortably 3x his salary.

RB – Alvin Kamara ($7,900)

The quarterback might fall short of the rushing bonus but this man may not. You feel anything good that will happen on this Saints offence will come from these two. It’s an unusual stack having a quarterback & running back yet Kamara’s usage in the passing game makes it a viable option.

RB – Antonio Gibson ($6,000)

Finding the form that could help take WFT into the playoffs

After plenty of pre-season hype about the role of Gibson being very McCaffrey-like, this season we finally got to see it in weeks 12 and 13. He saw a season-high 29 carries in week 12 along with another high of 7 targets. That number was similar last Sunday in an offence that doesn’t have many options. If Gibson’s role continues in the same vein he won’t be a $6k running back much longer.

WR – Tyreek Hill ($8,500)

We go from one Hill to another and this time it’s speedster Tyreek. Despite the Chiefs having a quiet season compared to their usual standards the one defence who couldn’t cope with them was the Raiders in week 10. Hill put up 83 yards and scored two touchdowns that game for 27.50 fantasy points. If he can have a similar performance this time at home we’ll already be halfway up the ‘hill’ towards our goal.

WR – Mike Evans ($6,600)

When it comes to the Bucs main men at receiver, my strategy is usually to go with the cheapest one and hope you get lucky. However, with Brown missing it narrows it down to two. Godwin had the big performance last weekend so our hopes here are pinned on Evans. The selection isn’t all luck based though. If you look at Evans numbers throughout the year his fantasy numbers are much better in home games. This Sunday the Bucs play in Tampa in a high totalled game.

WR – Jalen Guyton ($3,400)

After a number of poor value plays, I have confidence about this one on Sunday. With Keenan Allen missing for the Chargers due to Covid it means Mike Williams will get cornerback one attention from Giants corner James Bradberry. That should leave Guyton plenty of joy in the WR2 position, providing they don’t just run their offence through Austin Ekeler and kill my Giants with a thousand razors.

TE – Austin Hooper ($3,400)

Hooper is the main man for the Browns at the tight end position anyway. Now with backups Njoku and Carlson on the Covid list, and Bryant missing out through injury, you’ll likely see Hooper out there for over 90% of the snaps. For $3.4k we’ll be glad to take that snap share despite playing in a run-heavy offence.

FLEX – Josh Jacobs ($6,200)

Josh Jacobs – Will be hoping to see plenty of the ball against the Mahomes-led Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the bottom seven when it comes to dealing with running backs pass-catching out of the backfield and we’ve seen plenty of that from Jacobs in recent weeks. If they have to start to chase Mahomes and co from behind we could see plenty of check downs to no.28 which will rack up the points for us.

DEF – Jaguars ($2,300)

Once again we have to select the best of a bad bunch when it comes to defence and our remaining budget. That honour goes to the Jags this week facing the battered and bruised Titans. If we can get a week 9 performance from them when they scored 17 points against the Bills we’ll be delighted. However, if we can get their season average of 3.4 it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

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